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Mad Love - Batman Slash Fic Recs and Meta

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September 12th, 2011

08:59 am - Searching for: a co-writer/RP partner
Specific pairing: Nolanverse Batman/Joker

I am looking for someone who can commit to a fairly regular writing schedule. Previous experience writing or RPing is preferred but not required; I have successfully written with people who had not done anything like alternating-paragraph RP before. No extensive knowledge of the comics is needed, just a familiarity with the Nolanverse movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Please contact me if you are interested. I can be reached via livejournal, at razothredfire at gmail dot com, or via AIM at RaiztlinMajere.

For samples of my work, please see:

Slipping into Entropy - co-written with loony_lucifer, art by loony_lucifer. (Mature, NSFW) Novella-length.

Lupercalia - written as a Valentine’s Day special. (PG) Short story.

Doppleganger - written as a gift for a visiting friend, features Crane/Joker as well as Batman/Joker. Art by loony_lucifer. (Mature, NSFW) Short story.

I checked group posting rules before posting. Mods, if I missed something and this isn’t allowed, please feel free to delete.

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July 16th, 2011

06:36 pm - midnight encounter : chapter 6 pensive
 Bruce looked moodily out of the window, thinking. The sky looked grey, which wasn't unusual. The city was thick with industrial smog. As much as he loved the environment, Bruce didn't have any idea; how to cope with this. But for the time being, for his selfish reasons, that was least of his worries. He looked across the city, a slight crease, marked his forehead, as he sat there, and lost in thought.

Why is this happening to me? Why am I acting this way?

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June 26th, 2011

02:18 pm - midnight encounter : chapter 5 , all rainbows and sunshine
 Bruce was dreaming again.

This time he knew he was dreaming, because there was no way in hell, he would he would be doing what he was doing right now. It made it worse though. He didn't seem to wake up. A part of him, however knew, that he didn't really want to wake up. It was so perfect. A sunset, a yacht, the sound of water splashing against its rims, he could almost smell the salty flavor of the sea, even in his dream. And he could smell something else too, a musky natural fragrance, that represented its diabolical owner. He could smell the smell the perfume on her, the perfume that defined the man; he was holding his arms, as if he never wanted to let him go.

Bruce definitely was dreaming.

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April 22nd, 2011

03:51 pm - a midnight encounter : Wayne crane slash fanfic : au revoir
 Au revoir

"Why" Bruce yelled silently.

"Why what?" crane's voice sounded genuinely surprised. It might have been convincing; if not for the slight amusement in it.

"Why are you messing with my head?" Bruce growled in crane's ears, leaning in. he used his best batman voice, quite forgetting he wasn't in his Kevlar.

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April 5th, 2011

01:53 pm - we meet again : a sequel to provoked
 The morning wasn't didn't look promising. Neither did it look inviting enough to venture into a new project. The sky was overcast, the clods dark and dreary ; everything about the day made the people of gotham find an excuse to stay in bed , and call in sick at work. Not Bruce. "I don't need a bright, sunny day for what I have in mind" he thought bitterly as he stood alone, in front of his huge French windows, looking out at the city, just a tinge out of his reach. His jaws were set in hard lines, all his previous vulnerability gone & he looked as if he hadn't had a good night's sleep in days, which of course he didn't. Dark purple circles were beginning to form underneath his eyes ; his sudden loss of weight finally had begun to show. His bimbo socialite friends were beginning to wonder if the billanaire playboy wasn't doing drugs now, which he didn't bother to correct. The speculation suited him fine. The truth was much harsher, scandalous than the rumors. He was fine with the ruse.

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March 1st, 2011

06:23 pm - provoked : sequel to a midnight encounter
Bruce couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Alfred standing amidst the morning sunrays, holding a tray, looking extremely guilty for some reason. His mind went blank for a few seconds. I was with Jonathan he thought still gaping at Alfred foolishly. How did he come in here? Where is Jonathan he wondered jerking his head around to see if the good doctor was hiding somewhere. Finding no one else in the room he sat up in his bed, confused and still in a daze.
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February 26th, 2011

03:19 pm - What happened in ellijah?

Bruce wasn't sure what it was about him that always drove him over the edge. He couldn't pin point. But something about the doctor that always split him into two, like he wasn't already. The batman part in him loathed the man. He was a criminal, a guiltless psychopath and an incurable narcissist. There wasn't any excuse for what he did to the city, to the narrows and to his patients. He broke every law of ethics possible in the world, including the Hippocratic Oath. His crimes were unpardonable.

But with Bruce Wayne it was different. He didn't have to be incorruptible. He didn't have to the conscience keeper of the city.

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03:16 pm - a midnight encounter : Wayne crane slash fanfic
A midnight encounter

Bruce shifted uneasily in his sleep. It had been days since he had been able to sleep well at night if at all. Lack of rest and recurring nightmares somewhat made his job as batman a tinge more difficult than it already was. It didn't do well at all to start hearing strange voices in the middle of a chase or having hallucinations while dealing with the joker or the cat woman. Joker's manic gleeful laugh was enough to make him loose his senses without having to deal with strange visions. He was having one of those right now.

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January 29th, 2011

12:39 am - Case Story Big Bang
I thought this new Big Bang might be of interest. I'd love to see some fics of Batman using his awesome detective skills to solve a case.

casestory casestory casestory

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June 3rd, 2010

10:40 pm - Chaos, In Theory (3/?)
Title: Density of Periodic Orbits (3/?)
Pairing: Eventual Joker/Bruce
Rating: R for implied torture, language and excessive internal dialogue. This is NOT a happy fic people. You've been warned.
Disclaimer: The Dark Knight belongs to Christopher Nolan, and the characters belong to DC Comics. But don't you think they'd have more fun with me?
Author's notes: Currently without a beta, my first attempt in this fandom, and my third fic ever. Concrit is welcome, and please slash responsively.

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